The main signs that the baby is developing normally: from 0 to 1,5 years old

When a child grows up, parents watch every moment of his life with excitement and fear. The first year of the baby’s life is rich in events, excitement, and experiences. Dad and mom are always worried about whether the baby is developing correctly.
We have collected the opinions of pediatricians and psychologists on how a child should develop, what skills and abilities he acquires as a result of growing up, what he learns in the first years of life, and how he perceives the world around him.
Let’s figure out together what your baby should know and be able to do.

the child is growing

2 months the Baby is able to:

-start smiling at people

-Turns head to the sound

-Draws attention to people’s faces

-Can lift his head Begins to lie on her tummy

4 month Baby is able to:

-Spontaneously smile

-Recognize the people he sees often

-May reach for a toy with one hand and

-Can monitor the movement of objects with eyes

-Holds head independently

-Begins to “babble”

-Imitate some emotions

6 months the Baby is able to:

-Begins to sit without support

-Rolls in different directions, front to back

-Likes to look at himself in the mirror

-Reacts to his name Expresses his emotions by babbling

-Moves around the room, studying objects in it enjoys playing, especially with mom and dad

9 months old baby already knows how to:

-Stand and sit without support

-Can play hide and seek

-Finger points at things

-Understand “no”

-Watches the trajectory of falling objects

-Pulls something 

18 months old baby already knows how to:

-Walk independently

-can drink from a cup and eat with a spoon

-Goes to the toilet without assistance

-Points at objects to attract attention

-Can climb stairs understands and can perform simple verbal commands

-Speaks a few words is Able to wave his head “no” I myself: what should a child be able to do at 2 years old.